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Cells need these to stay alive and do their work
a) worker bees
b) nutrients
c) blood cells
d) enzymes

The ___________ pushes food from the mouth toward the stomach
a) spinal cord
b) small intestine
c) esophagus
d) large intestine

How long does food stay in the stomach?
a) 1-2 hours
b) 2-3 hours
c) 3-4 hours
d) 4-5 hours

Veins carry blood to the
a) atrium
b) ventricle
c) heart
d) lungs

Most information to the brain comes from the
a) eyes
b) ears
c) nose
d) tongue

What 2 sense organs give teh brain the most information about food?
a) skin and nose
b) tongue and eyes
c) tongue and skin
d) tongue and nose

The watery part of blood is called
a) plasma
b) white blood cells
c) red blood cells
d) platelets

What do nerve endings do?
a) move around spinal cord
b) send messages to the brain
c) push food through the mouth
d) guide messages to the heart

Each part of the blood protects the body from disease
a) true
b) false
c) neither of the above
d) no clue

Food is changed in the stomach by
a) vitamins
b) acid
c) enzymes
d) nutrients

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