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Where is the preferred space to give attribution?
a) Directly underneath the photo
b) At the end of the chapter
c) At the end of the document
d) At the end of your page

In what order should you give attribution?
a) Lisence, Title, Author
b) Author, Title, Lisence
c) Title, Author, Lisence
d) Title, Lisence, Author

When should you include other parties in your attributions
a) Always include other parties such as the owner
b) Include other parties as requested by the creator
c) Never include other parties
d) Include other parties as requested by the owner

When you attribute work you must include all but one. Which one should not be included?
a) The Author
b) Title of the work of art
c) The Distributer
d) Copyright Notices

What statement is true?
a) 30% of creative commons are photos
b) 30% of creative commons are videos
c) 40% of creative commons are images
d) 35% of creative commons are images that must be attributed

Which statement is false?
a) You do not have to give attribution if the work is available in the public domain
b) Work marked with CC BY-NC is NOT for commercial use
c) You may publish Everything that fals under the Creative Commons Lisence
d) CC BY-NC-ND means you are allowed to modify and adapt the work

The signs for Attributed feature in Creative Commons Lisencing is:
a) Only CC
b) Only BY
c) CC and BY
d) BY and CC-SA

The most free images will be marked with:
a) CC or BY-ND
b) CC or BY
c) CC or BY-SA
d) CC or BY-NC-SA

Which one of the following statements are true?
a) A Creative commons lisence cannot feature both share alike and No Derivative Works options
b) A Share Alike requirement applies to bothe No Derivative Works and Attiributed
c) Non-Commercial means you may NOT distribute work, only copy the work
d) Attributed means you give recognition to the owner not the creator of the work

Which one of the following is NOT a condition of the Creative Commons Lisence?
a) Commercial
b) Non-commercial
c) Attributed
d) Share Alike

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