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All matter is made of small particles which are in constant random _________ and ________ with each other.
a) heat; melt
b) motion; collide
c) destruction; destroy
d) attraction; bond

_________ is the average kinetic energy of a substance (how much the particles inside it are moving)
a) vaporization
b) heat
c) kinetic energy
d) temperature

The particles of a _____________ are most closely packed together.
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gas
d) plasma

Liquids have a _________ shape and a _________ volume.
a) fixed; fixed
b) variable; variable
c) fixed; variable
d) variable; fixed

Particles spreading evenly throught a container is
a) osmosis
b) diffusion
c) fusion
d) vaporization

Most substances experience ____________, where the substance gets increases in size due to heat.
a) thermal expansion
b) thermal compression
c) heat of fusion
d) heat of vaporization

Some solids, ________ solids, lack the tightly ordered structure found in other solids.
a) morphous
b) amorphous
c) shapely
d) supersaturated

_________ are considered fluids.
a) solids, liquids and gases
b) solids only
c) liquids and gases
d) none of the above

The ability of a fluid to to exert an upward force on an object immersed in it is _________
a) buoyancy
b) fluidity
c) Bernoulli's principle
d) viscosity

________ is a liquid's resistance to flow.
a) buoyancy
b) fluidity
c) Bernoulli's principle
d) viscosity

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