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Water is an example of a(n)
a) colloid
b) solution
c) element
d) compound

When two or more elements join together chemically,
a) a compound is formed
b) a mixture is formed
c) a substance that is the same as the elements is formed
d) the physical properties of the substances remain the same

A nugget of gold is an example of a(n)
a) Colloid
b) Solution
c) Compound
d) Element

Why can sugar dissolve in water?
a) Sugar is the solvent
b) Sugar is a solution
c) Sugar is an element
d) Sugar is soluble

Which of the following best describes chicken noodle soup?
a) Element
b) Mixture
c) Compound
d) Solution

An element that conducts thermal energy well and is easily shaped is a
a) Metal
b) Nonmetal
c) Metalloid
d) None of the above

Sugar dissolved in water is an example of a(n)
a) Element
b) Compound
c) Solution
d) Colloid

If a solution contains the maximum amount of solute it is said to be
a) Unsaturated
b) Saturated
c) All of the above
d) None of the above

The substance that conducts electricity and is found in gatorade is called
a) Electric particles
b) Sugar
c) Flavoroids
d) Electrolytes

A mixture that contains particles which will settle out is called a(n)
a) Solution
b) Suspension
c) Colloid
d) Element

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