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Which of the following will NOT break down compounds?
a) heat
b) electric current
c) a chemical change
d) filtering

How do elements join to form compounds?
a) randomly
b) in specific ratios
c) in a ratio of 2:3
d) however the scientists wants to do it

If a spoonful of salt is mixed in a glass of water, what is the water called?
a) Solute
b) Solution
c) Solvent
d) Element

What is formed when particles of two or more substances are distributed evenly among each other?
a) Compound
b) Suspension
c) Solution
d) Element

The physical properties of compounds do NOT include
a) melting point
b) density
c) reaction to light
d) color

An element's ability to react with acid is an example of a
a) pure substance
b) physical property
c) chemical property
d) melting point

How could a sugar cube be dissolved more quickly in water?
a) Cool the water
b) Crush the sugar cube
c) Let the cube sit in the water
d) Add more water

Boiling point, melting point, and density are some of an element's
a) nonreactive properties
b) physical properties
c) chemical properties
d) pure properties

A property of an element that does not depend on the amount of the element is called a
a) electromagnetic property
b) finite property
c) unique property
d) characteristic property

What is a pure substance made of two or more elements that are chemically combined?
a) element
b) compound
c) mixture
d) solution

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