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Which does every organism in an ecosystem need for survival?
a) animals
b) plants
c) water
d) soil

Which is an abiotic factor that would affect the growth of a population within an ecosystem?
a) the availability of water
b) the availability of producers
c) the type of herbivores present
d) the number of carnivores present

Which would most likely happen to a local population of owls if their food source of field mice were eliminated?
a) The owls would immediately starve to death.
b) The owls would prey on another similar animal as a food source.
c) The owls would begin eating berries found in the same habitat area.
d) The owls would live off stored fat reserves until mice returned to the area.

As an insect population decreases, which would most likely also decrease?
a) hawk population
b) vulture population
c) sparrow population
d) hummingbird population

When would water be a limiting factor in an ecosystem?
a) when a population is small
b) when a population is decreasing
c) when a population contains many predators
d) when a population is approaching the carrying capacity

Which best describes how a drought affects algae and plants?
a) Algae and plants begin to die.
b) The plants obtain water from algae.
c) Algae and plant growth is abundant.
d) Algae overtake plants with excessive growth.

Prairie dogs rely on underground tunnels for shelter. Which best explains how the prairie dog population is affected when their tunnels are disrupted and exposed?
a) The prairie dogs are burned by the sun.
b) The prairie dogs are exposed to predators.
c) The prairie dogs can find more food to eat in the fields.
d) The prairie dogs are forced to learn to live in trees and shrubs.

If krill is a primary food source for a local population of whales, which will most likely happen to the whales if the krill population suddenly doubles?
a) The whales will have to compete more with each other for available food.
b) The whales will have to find another food source or risk starvation.
c) The whales will migrate to another area.
d) The whales will increase in number.

Certain types of worms live in the mud at the bottom of lakes. What does the mud represent for the worms?
a) community
b) shelter
c) niche
d) food

A farmer clears an acre of trees on his property. Which best describes the effect this will have on a population of bats that roost inside old hollow trees?
a) The population will increase due to more open space.
b) The population will decrease due to a lack of food source.
c) The population will decrease due to the lack of suitable trees in which to raise offspring.
d) The population will increase due to the availability of young trees that will begin to grow.

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