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Who opened the ports of Japan to trade with the United States?
a) Douglass McArthur
b) Gene Hackman
c) Michael Douglass
d) Matthew Perry

Which Asian country became an imperialistic country after its Meiji Restoration?
a) Japan
b) Russia
c) Korea
d) China

What type of government took root in many countries in Latin America after their revolutions?
a) Monarchies
b) Oligarchy
c) Dictatorships
d) Communist

What means the original inhabitants of a land?
a) Indigenous
b) Ingenious
c) Imperialists
d) Indugenous

What is it called when a country controls another through its economic policy?
a) Direct Rule
b) Indirect Policy
c) Economic Imperialism
d) Militarism

Who inspired many people in Europe to think about the people who ruled them?
a) Ben Franklin
b) John Locke
c) Albert Einstein
d) Napoleon

What means being subject to U.S. law while in another country?
a) Extraterritorial Rights
b) Land Usage Rights
c) Northwest Ordinance of 1871
d) All of them

Which country from Europe dominated much of Latin American for 400 years?
a) Portugal
b) Spain
c) England
d) France

How many countries took land in Africa?
a) More than 5
b) Less than 5
c) More than 20
d) 0

What is the greatest city in the world?
a) Paris
b) France
c) London
d) Pittsburgh....Home of the Pirates!!!!

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