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Which of the following occurred because of the Scramble for Africa?
a) Human rights violations
b) Lack of African representation in government
c) Depletion of resources in Africa
d) All of them

Which country resisted the take-over by Italy?
a) Liberia
b) Egypt
c) Ethiopia
d) South Africa

Which of the following was a country that was created by freed slaves from the United States?
a) Zimbabwe
b) Liberia
c) Libya
d) Sudan

Who was able to help Africans deal with their new European rulers?
a) Direct rulers
b) Indirect rulers
c) Missionaries
d) Market Analysts

What would you call Africans who believed in independence and the right to rule their own nations?
a) Nationalists
b) Communists
c) Imperialists
d) Suffragists

Which country fought Great Britain in hopes of ending opium trade in their country?
a) Japan
b) China
c) Argentina
d) Egypt

What is a strict form of racial segragation that occurred in South Africa?
a) Desegregation
b) Deliniation
c) Apartheid
d) Separatism

Which country created a trade monopoly with India?
a) Great Britain
b) France
c) Belgium
d) Netherlands

Which is a waying of ruling in which the imperial power using local leaders to carry out their laws?
a) Direct Rule
b) Indirect Rule
c) Monarchy Rule
d) Extraterritorial Rule

What is a type of colonial rule in which an official from the ruling country administers control?
a) Direct Rule
b) Indirect Rule
c) Monarchy Rule
d) Extraterritorial Rule

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