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What is the forming and maintaining of an empire by taking over colonies?
a) Imperialism
b) Nationalism
c) Sensationalism
d) Communism

Which of the following was a major imperialist power from Europe?
a) Japan
b) Great Britain
c) Czech. Republic
d) Poland

Why were Europeans slow to explore the interior of Africa?
a) They did not explore any part of Africa
b) They did explore the interior of Africa quite often
c) No navigable rivers
d) Lack of technology

What was a region in which the Europeans try to colonize?
a) All of them
b) Africa
c) Asia
d) Latin America

What was the competition for lands in Africa called?
a) Age of Imperialism
b) Partition of the Continent
c) The African Siege
d) Scramble for Africa

Where did European leaders meet to decide the fate of the African continent?
a) Paris
b) Berlin
c) Vienna
d) Tel Aviv

What is called when only one country has the right to trade with a particular area?
a) Monopoly
b) Anti-trust
c) Merchantilism
d) Nationalism

________ were the divisions of Africa made by the Europeans.
a) Regions
b) Sectors
c) Partitions
d) Segments

Which country was created as a result of the Boer War?
a) Sudan
b) South Africa
c) Egypt
d) Morocco

Why did the Europeans want the lands in Africa?
a) Resources
b) As a buffer zone
c) They did not want the lands
d) All of them

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