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____________ materials do not let light through. They only absorb and reflect.
a) opaque
b) transparent
c) translucent
d) dark

The angle at which light strikes a surface is ___________ the angle at which it is reflected.
a) less than
b) different than
c) the same as
d) more than

The index of _________ indicates how much a material reduces the speed of light as it passes through.
a) diffraction
b) reflection
c) refraction
d) prism

____ separate white light into the visible spectrum.
a) rainbows
b) prisms
c) black lights
d) filters

Colors are determined by the ________ of light an object reflects.
a) diffraction
b) wavelength
c) pigment
d) intensity

_______ objects reflect all colors of visible light.
a) white
b) black
c) invisible
d) dark

________ objects absorb rather than reflect all colors of visible light.
a) white
b) black
c) invisible
d) dark

Cones and in our eyes help distinguish ________.
a) colors
b) speeds of objects
c) dark and light
d) size of objects

Which of these are the primary colors of light?
a) red, yellow, orange
b) red, green, blue
c) magenta, cyan, yellow
d) blue, green, purple

Primary colors combine to form
a) white
b) black
c) red
d) translucence

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