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This tray covers half of a dental arch
a) quadrant
b) section
c) custom
d) full arch

This stimulates the production of reparative dentin
a) Polycarbon
b) Calcium hydroxide
c) Dental varnish
d) Fluoride

Materials that are versatile in use such as for dental bases are
a) dental cements
b) dental varnish
c) dental liners
d) dental stone

What type of cement is preferred for cementation of ceramic veneers
a) composite resin cement
b) glass ionomer cement
c) zinc phospate
d) ZOE cement

This is a noble metal used for the cast restorations in dentistry
a) Iron
b) Tin
c) Palladium
d) Zinc

Acid etching utilizes etchant containing this acid
a) amino
b) hydrochloric
c) sodium hydroxide
d) phosphoric

This is the processs by which resin material changes from pliable to a hardened state
a) polyermization
b) trituration
c) retention
d) galvanism

When alginate absorbs additional water and expands , this process is call
a) viscosity
b) imbibition
c) tempering
d) active

Etchant removes this layer in preparation for bonding
a) smear
b) treated
c) dentin
d) varnish

This releases fluoride after its final setting
a) ZOE
b) calcium hydroxide
c) glass ionomer
d) polysiloxane

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