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Final impressions are taken by
a) dentist
b) lab tech
c) assistant
d) hygientist

The type of ceramic most often used in dentistry is
a) composite
b) porcelain
c) plaster
d) glass ionomer

The silver material used for over 150 years to restore teeth is called
a) amalgam
b) composite
c) acrylic resin
d) glass ionomer

The resin matrix component of composite is a fluid like material also referred to as
a) silica
b) IRM
c) acrylic

This is taken to produce a reproduction of the occlusal relationship of the maxillary and mandibular teeth
a) bite registration
b) final impression
c) preliminary impresseion
d) articulated impression

This is used to polish , or trim custom trays, dentures and indirect restorations
a) model trimmer
b) dental lathe
c) vacuum former
d) sandblaster

Which odf the four types of elastomeric materials has the best dimensional stability?
a) polysiloxane
b) polyether
c) polysulfide
d) polycarbon

A preliminary impression would be use for
a) full dentures
b) implants
c) generic trays
d) custom trays

Glass ionomer can be used for what class restoration
a) V
b) III
c) IV
d) II

This gypsum product is used for the creation of dies
a) high strength stone
b) plaster
c) dental stone
d) model plaster

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