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An example of PPE is
a) gloves
b) dental dam
c) patient napkin
d) suction tip

This immunity is present at birth
a) natural acquired
b) inherited
c) acquired
d) artificially acquired

What is the name for bacteria that require oxygen to grow?
a) aerobes
b) anaaerobes
c) aerial
d) air borne

Who is referred to as the"Father of Microbiology"?
a) Joesph Lister
b) Pierre Fauchard
c) GV Black
d) Louis Pasteur

The name of the area where adjacent teeth physically touch is the
a) embrasure
b) contact area
c) occlusion
d) bite

Name the surface of the tooth that faces the tongue
a) lingual
b) facial
c) mesial
d) buccal

What is the longest tooth in your mouth?
a) incisors
b) molars
c) canines
d) central

What is the term for the four sections of the divided dental arches?
a) quadrant
b) square
c) sextant
d) lateral

According to the ISO numbering system, the adult mandibular first molar would be tooth number
a) 32
b) 19
c) 36
d) 23

The ADA recognizes how many dental specialties?
a) nine
b) ten
c) twelve
d) seven

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