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The essentials of professional appearance are
a) good health
b) good grooming
c) appropriate dress
d) all the above

What credential is issued by DANB?
a) CDA
b) RDA
c) licensed dental assistant
d) bachelors degree

An important quality of being a dental assistant is
a) being talkative
b) being fast
c) being sincere
d) being approachable

An infection that is short in duration
a) acute
b) chronic
c) contagious
d) active

What is the minimum length of an accredited ADA dental assisting program?
a) 1 yesr
b) 3 months
c) 6 months
d) 2years`

AN attitude apparent in everything you say or do, in or out the dental office
a) Honor
b) Porfiency
c) Professionalism
d) Pride

Who is not a part of the dental care team?
a) supply person
b) dental assistant
c) dental hygientist
d) dentist

HIPAA regulations are designed to protecti a patients
a) finances
b) healthcare information
c) family
d) employer

What term is used for front teeth?
a) anterior
b) maxillary
c) mandibular
d) canines

How many teeth are in a primary dentition
a) 20
b) 12
c) 32
d) 28

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