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Epicenter is to focus as. . .
a) Head is to belly button.
b) Branch is to root.
c) Attic is to basement.
d) All of the above.

Scale that rates earthquakes based on total energy released.
a) Moment Magnitude
b) Richter Scale
c) Balance Scale
d) Bathroom Scale

Two tectonic plates collide at a __________ boundary.
a) scary
b) big
c) divergent
d) convergent

The Ring of Fire is around the ______________ ocean.
a) Atlantic
b) Pacific
c) Indian
d) Artic

_____________ 1989 earthquake was 1/30th the size of the 1906 earthquake.
a) Los Angeles'
b) Sacramento's
c) San Francisco's
d) Chile's

Type of plate boundary that can cause mountains such as the Himalayas and volcanoes like Mt. St. Helen's.
a) convergent
b) divergent
c) transform
d) small

About how many active volcanoes are along
a) 20
b) 120
c) 200
d) 400

Hawaiian volcanoes are. . .
a) cool spots
b) hot spots
c) composite volcanoes
d) stratovolcanoes

With more viscosity and more gas, a volcano will be a more explosive _____________ volcano.
a) cinder cone
b) shield
c) stratovolcano/composite
d) lava plateau

To reduce __________________, buildings should be made stronger and more flexible. It can also help to anchor them into solid rock beneath the ground.
a) termite damage
b) volcano damage
c) tsunamis
d) earthquake damage

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