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Earth’s crust is broken into many ___________.
a) oceans
b) plates
c) calderas
d) mantles

The type of heat transfer the Sun's energy uses to reach Earth.
a) radiation
b) convection
c) conduction
d) star power

Convection is. . .
a) all of the answers below are correct
b) heat transfer that moves directly from one object to another
c) heat transfer that moves in straight lines through space
d) heat transfer that moves in currents (warm rising, cool sinking)

When magma heats water underground, the result may be.
a) hot spots
b) hot springs
c) calderas
d) craters

Volcano type with gently sloping mountain look and quiet eruptions.
a) shield
b) composite
c) cinder cone
d) geyser

__________ forms when magma chamber collapses at the top center part of a volcano.
a) caldera
b) shield
c) geyser
d) hot spot

___________ is Earth's layer that is solid but also flows due to convection currents.
a) inner core
b) crust
c) asthenosphere
d) tectonic plates

Dormant volcano is. . .
a) sleeping or inactive
b) recently erupted or currently erupting
c) dead/never erupting again
d) none of the above

Lava is called __________ when it is still deep underground.
a) pumice
b) magma
c) core
d) crust

Opening or a vent in the Earth's crust that exposes magma/lava
a) geyser
b) batholith
c) tsunami
d) volcano

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