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The Cuban Missile Crisis occurred because:
a) Cuba and the Soviet Union came to the brink of war
b) Cuban communists were threatening to bomb the U.S.
c) The Soviets were storing nuclear weapons in Cuba
d) The U.S. accidentally detonated a nuclear bomb in Cuba

The Cuban Missile Crisis is important because:
a) It led to the destruction of Cuba
b) It could have started an all-out nuclear war
c) It killed Cuba's leader, Fidel Castro
d) It marked Cuba's first victory over the U.S.

The United Nations took the place of what organization?
a) The League of Nations
c) The Warsaw Pact
d) The Communist Party

The main purpose of the United Nations is to:
a) Take over countries that cause trouble
b) Put war criminals on trial
c) Make sure all nations agree with the U.S.
d) Keep peace and protect human rights

Sputnik was the first:
a) Man-made satellite to orbit earth
b) Space shuttle to carry a man to the moon
c) Dog to walk on the moon
d) Nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima

The Soviet Union set up satellite states mainly to:
a) Provide more labor for factories
b) Send its people into space
c) Protect it from invasion
d) Expand the rights and freedoms of the people there

The U.S. became involved in Vietnam because:
a) It wanted to stop the spread of communism
b) It was worried about Ho Chi Minh's treatment of his citizens
c) It wanted to gain land in southeast Asia
d) It would provide military bases closer to the Soviet Union

This term, experienced under President Nixon, refers to an easing of tensions during the Cold War:
a) evil empire
b) blacklisting
c) duck-and-cover
d) detente

This leader of the Soviet Union allowed satellite nations more freedom:
a) Nikita Kruschev
b) Mikhail Gorbachev
c) Joseph Stalin
d) Vladimir Putin

Nationalism in Yugoslavia after the fall of the Soviet Union led to:
a) ethnic cleansing in the region
b) the formation of four independent countries
c) violence between ethnic groups
d) all of these

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