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The ideal communist society would have:
a) no social classes and equal distribution of wealth
b) a large wealthy class of businessmen
c) a king
d) strict laws that restrict the rights of some citizens

In reality, most communist societies:
a) Make sure their people's rights are protected
b) Take money from the poor to give to the rich
c) Rigidly control their people
d) Hold elections for president

The U.S. policy intended to stop the spread of communism was called:
a) perestroika
b) Warsaw Pact
c) containment
d) The Space Race

The President who pledged to help countries establish democracy was:
a) Franklin D. Roosevelt
b) Harry S. Truman
c) John F. Kennedy
d) Richard Nixon

The purpose of the Marshall Plan was to:
a) Find Soviet spies in the U.S.
b) Start an alliance with China
c) Invade the Soviet Union
d) Help rebuild Europe after World War II

After World War II, Germany and the city of Berlin:
a) Became entirely communist
b) Became entirely democratic
c) Were divided into communist and democratic sectors
d) Were completely destroyed

Which is true of the Berlin Wall?
a) It was built by the Soviets
b) It was built by the Americans
c) It kept East Berlin safe from Soviet invasion
d) It was recognized as an architectural treasure

Which is true of Mao Zedong?
a) He caused millions to starve to death
b) The Chinese people carried around a book of his sayings
c) He founded the People's Republic of China
d) All of these

Which idea led to American involvement in the Korean conflict?
a) Domino theory
b) Detente
c) The Marshall Plan
d) Glasnost

The 38th Parallel:
a) Divided North and South Vietnam both before and after the Vietnam War
b) Divided North and South Korea both before and after the Korean War
c) Was the location of the Berlin Wall
d) Was the border between China and Korea

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