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What was Timothy going to do to try to rescue Phillip and himself?
a) write SOS with rocks on the beach
b) tie white flags to the tops of the palm trees
c) get a big pile of sticks ready for a large fire

What type of shelter did Timothy make?
a) He cleaned out a cave.
b) He piled up rocks for the walls and made a roof from palm leaves.
c) He built a hut of dried palm fronds.

What work did Timothy want Phillip to do?
a) cook the meals
b) weave mats
c) look for water

What fun did Timothy have as a young man?
a) dressing up for the carnival
b) getting birthday presents
c) going to school

What did Timothy think about Stew Cat?
a) He was bad luck.
b) He was good at catching his own food.
c) He was a cute, cuddly cat.

How was Phillip able to get around the island?
a) by using the rope to get to the beach, then by using a cane
b) Timothy would lead him around
c) by following Stew Cat

What did Phillip use to catch a fish?
a) a fish hook made out of nails
b) spear
c) net

What sounds did the ocean make?
a) splashing
b) roaring like wind blowing
c) noises like gun shots

What did Phillip say to Timothy?
a) Are you still black?
b) Do you like to catch lobsters?
c) Do you know what time it is?

Why did Timothy and Phillip eat a large meal?
a) Timothy found a new place to catch crabs.
b) Phillip had caught his first fish, and they were celebrating.
c) A hurricane was coming, and they may not get to eat again for a long time.

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