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The scientist who concluded that all animals are made up of cells was ______________
a) Schwann
b) Schleiden
c) Virchow
d) Hooke

The cell theory is mainly based on the conclusions of __________________.
a) Schleiden, Schwann, and Virchow
b) Hooke and Schleiden
c) Van Leeuwenhoek and Hooke
d) Hooke, Schwann, and Virchow

The _______________ is the gelatin-like material inside the cell membrane.
a) cytoplasm
b) chromatin
c) mitochondria
d) ER

Cells in a many-celled organism all _______________.
a) work together to keep the organism alive
b) have similar shapes
c) are about the same size
d) perform similar functions

Structures that can store water, food, and waste products inside the cell are called_______________.
a) vacuoles
b) vesicles
c) ER
d) chloroplasts

In what year did Hooke name the little boxes he saw under his microscope?
a) 1665
b) 1595
c) 1830
d) mid 1800's

Virchow proposed that cells come from cells that already exist in __________.
a) the mid 1800's
b) 1665
c) 1830
d) 1595

Schleiden studied plant parts under a microscope in _____________.
a) 1830
b) 1665
c) the mid 1800's
d) 1595

Schwann observed many different animal cells and came to a conclusion in __________.
a) 1830
b) 1665
c) the mid 1800's
d) 1595

A plant cell has 2 things an animal cell does not have including
a) chloroplasts and a cell wall
b) chloroplasts and chlorophyll
c) vesicles and a cell wall
d) a cell wall and a vacuole

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