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Brightly colored flowers are useful for plants because they
a) Attract mates
b) Attract predators
c) Use energy from the sun to photosynthesize
d) Attract insects and birds as pollinator

Which structure of a bird is correctly paired with its function
a) Claws for obtaining food
b) Wings for eliminating waste
c) Eyes for growing
d) Feathers for breathing

What is the main function of the spines on a prickly cactus
a) to make food
b) To provide water
c) To attract animals
d) To protect the plant from animals

The long neck on a baby giraffe is
a) A learned behavior
b) An inherited trait
c) A seasonal adaptation
d) An environmental condition

A boy and his sister both play piano. Playing piano is an example of
a) A physical change
b) A learned behavior
c) A life function
d) An inherited trait

A fox has dark fur in the summer which turns white for the winter. This is an example of
a) A learned behavior
b) A seasonal adaptation
c) Metamorphosis
d) Flow of energy

A baby crying is an example of
a) Inherited trait
b) Instinct
c) Learned behavior
d) Taco and burrito

A bee flying is an example of
a) Inherited trait
b) Instinct
c) Learned behavior
d) Adaptation

Dog retrieving a stick is an example of
a) Inherited trait
b) Learned behavior
c) Instinct
d) Mickey mouse

Driving a go cart is an example of
a) Learned behavior
b) Instinct
c) Inherited trait
d) A land form

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