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_________________________ is a measurement of heat.
a) only warmth
b) only cold
c) warmth or cold
d) temperature

In what types of matter does convection occur?
a) gases only
b) liquids only
c) gases and liquids
d) gases, liquids, and solids

During convection, hot substances _____________________ while cooler substances ________________.
a) rise; sink
b) sink; rise
c) rise; remain stationary
d) sink; remain stationary

Heat moves from __________________ to __________________ places.
a) hot; hotter
b) colder; cold
c) colder; hotter
d) hotter; colder

A _____ is a crack in Earth's crust along which there has been movement.
a) fault
b) chasm
c) crevice
d) fracture

In a convection cycle, what causes plastic-like material to sink?
a) It loses heat to the crust.
b) It gains heat from the crust
c) It loses heat to the outer core
d) It gains heat from the outer core

Within which of these layers does convection occur?
a) mantle and crust
b) inner core and crust
c) outer core and mantle
d) inner core and outer core

In which layer does the temperature vary the MOST
a) crust
b) mantle
c) inner core
d) outer core

___________________moves from hotter places to colder places.
a) heat
b) rock
c) convection
d) temperature

_____ in Earth's _____ is the up and down movements of plastic-like material within that layer.
a) conduction; crust
b) convection; crust
c) conduction; mantle
d) convection mantle

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