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About how big was a long-playing record?
a) About the size of a tire
b) About the size of a DVD
c) About the size of a dinner plate
d) About the size of an extra large pizza

Which one of these is NOT a benefit of an MP3 player?
a) Can be costly
b) Easy to operate
c) Have a lot of storage space
d) Portable and lightweight

How is a single song stored on a MP3 player?
a) onto a digital disc
b) a specific code
c) on an individual disc
d) onto a removable SD card

What piece of equipment was used to play 45-inch records?
a) MP3 player
b) Boom Box
c) Turn Table
d) Walk Man

Fill in the blank: Music is the to our lives.
a) problem
b) future
c) answer
d) soundtrack

What is one activity that you probably could NOT do while using an MP3 player?
a) scuba dive
b) play basketball
c) homework
d) mow the grass

If an MP3 player is considered compress in size, this means it's
a) portable
b) small
c) not gigantic
d) all of the above

True or False: MP3 players are powered by a WiFi signal
a) True
b) False

What material allowed music to be played on a record?
a) a needle
b) an arm
c) a speaker
d) an electrical cord

CD and record players tend skip or jump because
a) your car went over a bump
b) it has moving parts
c) you dropped it on the floor
d) its made of cumbersome materials

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