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At a divergent boundary between two oceanic plates, material is _________________.
a) created
b) destroyed
c) created and destroyed
d) neither created nor destroyed

At a transform boundary between two continental plates, material is _______________.
a) created
b) destroyed
c) created and destroyed
d) neither created nor destroyed

What is plate tectonics?
a) The theory that Earth's surface does not change.
b) The theory that Earth's surface will eventually become hotter over time.
c) The theory that they thickness of Earth's crust will even out over time and become flat.
d) The theory that Earth's crust is composed of many plates that are moving slowly over time.

What is a plate?
a) part of the lithosphere
b) part of the asthenosphere
c) another name for a continent
d) what the continents move over

What is the name of the type of basaltic crust that moves under less dense crust?
a) oceanic
b) igneous
c) continental
d) asthenosphere

About how fast are Earth's tectonic plates moving, on average?
a) 0.2-0.5 cm/yr
b) 2-10 cm/yr
c) 50-100 cm/yr
d) 10-20 m/yr

The theory of continental drift was proposed by Alfred Wegner based on what observation?
a) He noticed the continents were in motion.
b) He observed volcanoes were creating new crust.
c) He observed Earth's average temperature increasing.
d) He saw that continents edges fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

What is a fault?
a) the name for two opposing forces
b) a type of crust that moves under heavier crust
c) a crack in Earth's crust where movement occurs
d) a volcanic region where new material is being created

Which is not a type of fault?
a) normal
b) reverse
c) diagonal
d) transform

Along which type of plate boundary is new crust commonly created?
a) transform
b) divergent
c) convergent
d) compression

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