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Energy of motion
a) mechanical
b) chemical
c) light
d) sound

Energy of vibrations
a) electrical
b) thermal
c) sound
d) light

Thermal is
a) energy of motion
b) heat energy
c) energy we hear
d) energy we see

Energy of the flow of electrons ;
a) Chemical
b) Electrical
c) Heat
d) Function of a car

Which form is made by burning wood?
a) mechanical and chemical
b) pigs and birds
c) light and thermal
d) light and chemical

Which of these is NOT an example of reflection
a) Straw in water
b) You looking in a pond
c) Light bouncing off a shiny surface
d) Looking in a mirror

What happens when light hits a prism?
a) You see the 7 colors
b) You create a portal
c) It is absorbed
d) You see the 6 colors

What is an example of refraction?
a) A ball under water
b) You holding a ripped paper
c) A straw in water that appears to be broken
d) Light going in a white shirt

Someones black hair was feeling HOT.A blondes hair wasn't as hot what is this?
a) Refraction
b) Translation
c) Reflection
d) Absorbstion

What is an example of absorption
a) Looking in a mirror
b) Light going into a black surface
c) Doing the harlem shake!
d) A straw looking broken in water

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