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Photosynthesis is what type of energy transformation?
a) Thermal energy to radiant energy
b) Radiant energy to thermal energy
c) Chemical energy to radiant energy
d) Radiant energy to chemical energy

Electricity from a hydroelectric power plant powers the heaters in our homes. What type of energy transformations are taking place?
a) Electrical energy → kinetic energy → potential energy
b) Heat energy → electrical energy →chemical energy
c) Potential energy → heat energy → electrical energy
d) Kinetic energy → electrical energy→ heat energy

At what point will a golfer swinging a golf club have the most kinetic energy?
a) Before they start to swing
b) Halfway through the swing
c) Just as the club hits the ball
d) None of the above

A wind turbine transforms energy from the wind. What type of energy transformation?
a) kinetic energy to chemical energy
b) kinetic energy to electrical energy
c) potential energy to electrical energy
d) potential energy to chemical energy

Energy in a flashlight battery changes…
a) from chemical energy to electrical energy to light energy.
b) from mechanical energy to chemical energy to light energy.
c) from chemical energy to mechanical energy to light energy.
d) from light energy to chemical energy to electrical energy.

At which point on a roller coaster will the car have the greatest amount of kinetic energy?
a) the highest point
b) the lowest point
c) when it is traveling the fastest
d) when it is traveling the slowest

Which of the following could best be used to demonstrate energy being transformed from electricity to heat?
a) A magnifying glass
b) A gas oven
c) A toaster
d) A triple beam balance

Which of the following best represents stored potential energy?
a) Air leaking from a flat tire
b) Water flowing through a hose
c) Heat given off by a forest fire
d) Stress built up in a rock fault

The type of energy that is related to the motion or position of matter is
a) Electrical energy
b) Thermal energy
c) Mechanical energy
d) Magnetic energy

A barrel is moving toward a waterfall. The barrel will have the greatest potential energy at which location?
a) At the top of the waterfall
b) Halfway down the waterfall
c) At the bottom of the waterfall
d) At the end of the river

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