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To calculate momentum you must take the mass times:
a) velocity
b) acceleration
c) time
d) speed

Which object has the highest momentum?
a) none of these have momentum
b) parked car
c) a bowling ball sitting on the floor
d) a beam of light

This law states that the momentum before and after a collision must be the same:
a) The conservation of momentum law
b) The conservation of mass law
c) The law of inertia
d) Newton's 2nd law

Which of the following has the largest momentum:
a) a crawling ant
b) a slow moving dust particle
c) a stationary skyscraper
d) a parked truck

This would be the momentum of a 200 g rock moving at a velocity of 4 mi/h.
a) 800 g x mi/h
b) 50 g x mi/h
c) 800 g/mi/h
d) 50 g/mi/h

A speed graph would have these two things on its axis:
a) distance and time
b) velocity and time
c) distance and mass
d) acceleration and distance

On a typical speed/velocity graph a flat horizontal line would mean the object did this:
a) stopped
b) accelerated
c) moved at a constant speed
d) not possible

On a typical acceleration graph, these are what you would label on the two axis:
a) velocity and time
b) distance and time
c) distance and mass
d) acceleration and distance

On an acceleration graph, an straight line angled down means:
a) the object is slowing down
b) the object is going backwards
c) the object is going downhill
d) the object is moving at a constant speed

A car braking goes from 60 mi/h to 30 mi/h in 3 seconds would have an acceleration of?
a) -10 mi/h/s
b) 10 mi/h/s
c) 10 mi/h
d) -10 mi/s

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