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Organ with little known function; attached to large intestine?
a) Appendix
b) Dudodenmn
c) Gall bladder
d) Liver

What’s the purpose of villi in small intestine?
a) Move food
b) Filter waste
c) Absorb nutrients
d) Separates food

What prevents food from entering your nasal cavity?
a) Trachea
b) Uvula
c) Epiglottis
d) Nose

What prevents food from entering your wind pipe (trachea)?
a) Nose
b) Trachea
c) Uvula
d) Epiglottis

Two places where peristalsis occurs in digestion system?
a) Esophagus & Stomach
b) Mouth & Pancreas
c) Liver & Gall Bladder
d) Stomach & Gall bladder

What transports water and waste to the bladder from the kidneys?
a) Urethra
b) Ureters
c) Kidney
d) Bladder

What does urine empty the body through?
a) Ureters
b) Kidney
c) Urethra
d) Bladder

What regulates fluid volume?
a) Bladder
b) Ureters
c) Kidneys
d) Stomach

Part of the kidney where blood is filtered?
a) Ureter
b) Nephron
c) Urethra
d) Left side

Bile, insulin, enzymes are .....
a) Perstalsis
b) Mechanical Digestion
c) Waste removal
d) Chemical digestion

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