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To calculate the speed and velocity take:
a) distance x time
b) momentum divided by time
c) momentum x time
d) distance divided by time

The main difference between speed and velocity is that velocity includes this:
a) direction
b) there is no difference
c) units
d) magnitude

Total distance divided by total time equals:
a) average speed
b) acceleration
c) momentum
d) instantaneous speed

This is how fast you would be going if you traveled 100 miles in 1/2 an hour:
a) 200 mi/h
b) 200 h/mi
c) 50 h/mi
d) 50 mi/h

To tell if something is moving it must be compared to this type of point:
a) reference
b) magnitude
c) vector
d) axis

5 m/s/s could also be written as:
a) 5 meters per second squared
b) 5 meters
c) 5 meters per minute
d) it can't be written differently

An object that is slowing down:
a) all of these answers
b) has negative accleration
c) is decelerating
d) is decreasing its speed

On a speed graph, this is impossible:
a) having a perfectly vertical line
b) having a perfectly horizontal line
c) have a line curving up
d) having a line slopped down

An object can be accelerating even if its speed is constant if it:
a) changes direction
b) comes to a stop
c) it's not possible
d) moves in a straight line

An object that is NOT accelerating could be sitting still or doing this:
a) moving at a constant speed
b) moving slowling
c) increasing its velocity
d) turning a corner

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