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Word Problems For Area, Surface Area And Volume.[print questions]

A square with a side length of 7 cm has a perimeter of?
a) 14 cm
b) 21 cm
c) 49 cm
d) 28 cm

A rectangle with a length of 10 and a height of 9 has an area of what?
a) 19 units squared
b) 38 units squared
c) 90 units squared
d) 45 units squared

A circle with a diameter of 6 feet has an area of what?
a) 18.84 feet squared
b) 28.26 feet squared
c) 18.84 feet cubed
d) 28.26 feet cubed

A triangle with a base of 7 m and a height of 9 m has an area of what?
a) 31.5 meters cubed
b) 63 meters cubed
c) 31.5 meters squared
d) 63 meters squared

A cone with a height of 5 and a radius of 2.5 in has a volume of?
a) 19.625 in cubed
b) 98.125 in cubed
c) 78.5 in cubed
d) None of the above

A rectangular prism with a length of 6 in, a height of 6 in, and a width of 9 in, has a volume of?
a) 360 in squared
b) 324 in squared
c) 360 in cubed
d) 324 in cubed

A prism with a triangular base has a base of 5 and a height of 9. If the prism is 10 in long, what is the volume of the whole figure?
a) 22.5 in squared
b) 225 in cubed
c) 450 in squared
d) 450 in cubed

A circle with radius 7 cm has a circumference of?
a) 43.96 cm
b) 21.98 cm
c) 153.86 cm
d) None of the above

A rectangular prism with length 6 in, height 7 in, and width 8 in has a surface area of?
a) 146 in
b) 336 in cubed
c) 292 in squared
d) None of the above

What units do you use when working with surface area?
a) Units
b) Units squared
c) Units cubed
d) No units

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