Weather And Climate 4 Question Preview (ID: 14404)

Test Review Questions Based On The Weather And Climate Unit And The Kentucky Core Standards.[print questions]

California's waters are cooler than Florida's because ...
a) they use more air conditioning in California
b) the Coriolis Effect bringing cold water down from the pole
c) the sun reaches its coasts later in the day because they are on the West coast
d) there are more people soaking up the heat from the water off California's coast

The Coriolis Effect
a) causes ocean currents to travel in opposite directions in opposite hemispheres
b) causes precipitation
c) is the first step in the nitrogen cycle
d) is the cause of global warming

Winds are caused by ...
a) air pressure attempting to reach equilibrium
b) distance from the sea
c) clouds moving
d) condensation

When discussing factors that affect climate ocean currents are most directly related to ...
a) distance from the sea
b) elevation
c) latitude
d) air pressure

True or False: Distance from the sea helps regulate climate.
a) True
b) False

When air is moving, what do we call it at the surface?
a) wind
b) pressure
c) barometer
d) humidity

What causes the formation of clouds?
a) precipitation
b) run-off
c) evaporation
d) condensation

What is latitude?
a) distance from the sea
b) elevation
c) distance from the equator
d) a measure of precipitation

Our next BIG opportunity to prove we are capable of being in the top five percent is
a) next year
b) the K-PREP test
c) every day
d) it's too late

Which factor that affects climate is the most important?
a) latitude
b) distance from the sea
c) altitude
d) ocean currents

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