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Which best help scientists to estimate the age of Earth?
a) using index fossils
b) using relative dating of sedimentary rocks
c) using radioactive dating of rocks

How do scientists know that some mountains were once at the bottom of an ocean?
a) freshwater rivers flow from the mountains to the ocean
b) saltwater fish live in some mountain streams
c) marine fossils have been found on the peaks of some mountains

Which is a product of biotechnology?
a) video surveillance cameras
b) oil-eating bacteria
c) electronic communications devices

Which scientific field is responsible for developing medicines that fight against infectious diseases?
a) biotechnology
b) cardiology
c) kinesiology

How does water availability affect population size?
a) an increase in water availability leads to an increase in population size
b) a decrease in water availability leads to an increase in population size
c) an increase in water availability leads to a decrease in population size

Which is an example of a decomposer?
a) grass
b) worm
c) cow

Which characteristic would provide the best evidence that species of livings crabs and lobsters are related to extinct trilobite species?
a) similar body structures
b) similar habitats
c) similar body size

Which statement best describes most of the species that have lived on Earth?
a) Their habitats were located in the desert
b) They still exist on Earth in their original forms
c) They are no longer living on Earth

Which best describes why sunlight is important for the survival of green plants?
a) it is required for photosynthesis in green plants
b) it is required for absorption of minerals by green plants
c) it is required for production of roots by green plants

Which best explains the process of digestion?
a) The body uses energy to make food
b) the body breaks down food to provide nutrients
c) the body breathes air in to supply oxygen to the lungs

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