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What will most likely happen to a population of rabbits if the foxes who prey on rabbits become extinct
a) the population of rabbits will be the same
b) the population of rabbits will increase
c) the population of rabbits will decrease

Which best determines the number of wolves that can live in an area?
a) the amount of snow in the area each year
b) the amount of food in the area for the wolves
c) the number of trees in the area

Based on the fossil records, what is true about the populations of organisms that lived on Earth?
a) most organisms are found in the earliest rock layers
b) most organisms stayed the same over time
c) most organisms that lived on earth are extinct

Which foods provide the healthiest nutrients and assist in digestion?
a) grilled chicken and a salad
b) hamburger and fries
c) chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes

Which element has properties of both metals and nonmetals?
a) Calcium (Ca)
b) Iron (Fe)
c) Silicon (Si)

The choices below list one example of a physical change and two examples of a chemical change. Which is a physical change?
a) Water turns to ice
b) A candle is burned, and gives off heat and light
c) Carbon dioxide forms when baking soda is added to vinegar

What would most likely happen if wind and solar energy were used instead of burning oil and coal?
a) air temperatures would rise
b) erosion of soil would decrease
c) The air would become less polluted

How does the use of renewable energy affect nonrenewable energy resources?
a) Using renewable energy sources causes nonrenewable energy to cost more
b) using renewable energy sources increase the need for coal mining
c) using renewable energy reduces the demand for nonrenewable energy resources

What is one way to reduce ocean pollution?
a) prevent fishing in the ocean
b) drink only bottled water and other drinks
c) stop dumping waste products in the ocean

Which would best indicate that lake water may be unsafe to drink?
a) the kind of microorganisms living in the lake
b) the temperature of the lake water
c) the presence of fish in the lake

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