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Which is the best reason to conserve the natural resources of Earth?
a) to make sure they are available for future generations
b) to make sure their cost remains low
c) to make sure they can be recycled

In which ocean zone is the greatest number of producers found?
a) deep zone
b) transition zone
c) surface zone

Why are large numbers of fish usually found in areas of upwelling?
a) there is a large amount of food in those areas
b) there is less oxygen in the waters of those areas
c) there are fewer predators living in those areas

Which will most likely result if hot water is continually dumped into a stream?
a) nitrate levels in the stream will increase
b) dissolved-oxygen levels in the stream will decrease
c) phosphorous levels in the stream will decrease

Why is chlorine added to swimming pools?
a) to kill bacteria in the water
b) to make the water blue
c) to make the water taste better

Which statement is true about undisturbed layers of rock on the side of a mountain?
a) the rock layers closest to ground level have more fossils than in the top layers
b) the layers of rock closest to ground level are older than the layers at the top
c) the layers of rock that are darkest in color are older than those that are lighter

Which is true about the continents of the world?
a) they have the same climate
b) they are slowly moving along tectonic plates
c) they are all near the equator

Which is a treatment for bacterial diseases?
a) penicillin pills
b) antiseptic soap
c) alcohol wipes

What is the best way people can avoid diseases caused by viruses?
a) taking aspirin
b) injecting antibiotics
c) getting vaccinated

Which would least likely influence global climate changes?
a) producing energy using hydroelectric plants
b) producing energy using coal
c) producing energy using oil

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