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Tapeworms and Ticks are both examples of:
a) a virus
b) a mold
c) a parasite

The common cold and the flu are both caused by
a) a virus
b) a mold
c) a parasite

How can biotechnology help farmers overcome sudden changes in the environment?
a) by developing crops which are resistant to winter water
b) by changing the types of soil where the crops are planted
c) by rotating the crop within the same field

How are scientists able to produce corn that repels insects
a) by not spraying the corn plants
b) by soaking corn seeds in insect spray
c) by changing the genetics of the corn plants

A hawk catches a mouse. What does the hawk represent?
a) predator
b) producer
c) prey

Which best explains why birds on the same species on the Galapagos Islands have different types of beaks?
a) Different types of beaks allow the birds to better defend their territory
b) Different types of beaks allow the birds to attract more mates
c) Different types of beaks allow the birds to eat different types of food.

What would cause some bacteria to remain alive when exposed to an antibiotic?
a) They are larger than the other bacteria
b) They have different genetic variations than the other bacteria
c) They are able to reproduce faster than the other bacteria

How do plants and animals get the food their cells need for energy?
a) Plants produce their own food, while animals eat other animals or plants
b) Plants absorb their food through their roots, while animals produce their own food
c) Plants get their food by changing carbon dioxide into carbon, while animals undergo photosynthesis

Which is an example of an element?
a) air
b) lead
c) salt

Which remains the same during a chemical reaction?
a) the temperature of the elements
b) the total number of atoms
c) the total number of compounds

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