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Which is an example of a compound?
a) air
b) gold
c) water

What characteristics do halogens and noble gases have in common?
a) Both are highly reactive metals
b) Both are nonmetals
c) Both are highly reactive nonmetals

Why does a balanced chemical equation support the Law of Conservation of Mass?
a) because the total mass of the products is greater than the mass of the reactants
b) because the total mass of the reactants is less than the total mass of the products
c) because the total mess of the reactants equals the total mass of the products

Which source of energy causes the most air pollution?
a) wind
b) oil
c) solar

Which will most likely be the result if sources other than oil are not developed in the future?
a) Energy prices will increase because there will be less oil available for use
b) Energy prices will decrease because there will be more oil available for use
c) Energy prices will remain the same because there is an unlimited supply of oil available for use

Which are bioindicators in a stream?
a) rocks and sand
b) frogs and lizard
c) water and temperature

What will most likely happen to the fossil record if an unconformity occurs?
a) The geologic record would be expanded
b) the geologic record would be shortened
c) There would be a gap in the geologic record

Which provides the best evidence that climates on Earth have changed?
a) metamorphic rock
b) gases trapped in glaciers
c) deep ocean currents

Which agency in the United States is responsible for developing water quality standards?
a) Centers for Disease Control
b) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
c) Environmental Protection Agency

Athlete's Feet and Fungus are both caused by a:
a) a virus
b) a mold
c) a parasite

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