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A ______________ variable changes as a result of the other variable.
a) independent
b) dependent
c) controlled
d) changing

A ______________ is an explanation based on many observations and investigations.
a) hypothesis
b) experiment
c) theory
d) technology

Which variable is changed by the experimenter?
a) independent
b) dependent
c) changing
d) controlled

________________ represent ideas, events or objects and can be physical or computerized.
a) variables
b) theories
c) investigations
d) models

What do we call science helping people solve problems?
a) science
b) physical science
c) technology
d) mathematics

A ____________ graph is best for showing what happens over time.
a) bar
b) line
c) circle
d) time

unit of mass?
a) gram
b) pound
c) meter
d) foot

What do we call the amount of matter in an object?
a) volume
b) mass
c) time
d) voltage

What do we call the amount of space something takes up?
a) time
b) mass
c) volume
d) length

Where on a graph should the independent variable be located?
a) y-axis
b) x-axis
c) quadrant
d) none of the above

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