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Electricity is _______.
a) negatively charged
b) a stream of elctrons
c) made when electrons move from atom to atom
d) everything listed

Electrons flow on a path called ________.
a) railroad
b) highway to heaven
c) a circuit or an electrical circuit
d) circle of energy

People use electrical circuits to __________.
a) control where electricity flows and when it is flowing
b) control how electricity is made
c) make electrons jump to positively charged atoms
d) everything listed

What is used to make the circuits, or path that electricity can flow through, in our homes?
a) switches
b) wires
c) light bulbs
d) electrons

Electric current ____________.
a) is the moving of electrons through a wire
b) is made when atoms flow through a wire
c) has a positive charge
d) is a stream of protons

We use electrical circuits to ________
a) move electrical energy where we need it.
b) control the powere of electricity
c) make electrons jump to other electrons
d) everything listed

Electric current flows like water in a river bed. What type of figurative language is this sentence?
a) hyperbole
b) simile
c) metaphor
d) aliteration

Electric current can move in a path called ________.
a) static
b) a charge
c) a circuit
d) electricity

Electricity is _______.
a) when electric charges move in a circuit
b) another name for electric current
c) when electric charges move in a circuit and another name for electric current
d) not listed in any answer

To have a current, electrical charges must be _______
a) static
b) repelling
c) flowing
d) positive

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