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What is the solar system?
a) The sun and everything that orbits around it
b) planets and their moons
c) asteroids and comets
d) everything listed

What keeps the planets in orbit?
a) the moon's gravity
b) the planet's gravity
c) the sun's gravity
d) the weight of the stars

How many planets are in the solar system?
a) five
b) eight
c) seven
d) six

Which planet is almost the same size as Earth?
a) Jupiter
b) Mercury
c) Venus
d) Mars

How do we know about the other planets?
a) We have traveled to the other planets.
b) Telescopes, space probes, and the Space Station.
c) We are guessing.
d) Albert Einstein told us

Another word for "moon" is ____________.
a) Satellite
b) Space shuttle
c) Planet
d) International Space Station

Planets move in how many ways?
a) They don't move at all.
b) The move in two ways.
c) They move in one way.
d) They move in three different ways.

The statement "Pluto is a planet" is _______.
a) A theory
b) A metaphor
c) A fact
d) No longer thought to be true.

On Earth, what are the effects of the moon's gravitational pull?
a) There are no effects on Earth.
b) The phases of the moon.
c) The ocean tides.
d) Earthquakes.

On Mercury, you would weight:
a) More than on Earth
b) Less than on Earth
c) More than an elephant
d) The same as on Earth

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