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Uses Question Words Such As "Comment", "Que", "Est-cs Que", And "Quand".[print questions]

Translate into English: Que est-ce tu aimes faire?
a) What do you like to eat?
b) How old are you?
c) What do you like to do?
d) Do you have a cat?

Translate into French: Do you like bacon? (inf.)
a) Tu aimes mon chapeau?
b) Tu aimes le bacon?
c) Tu aimes le fruits?
d) Comment-et-il?

What am I asking if I say: Comment....?
a) May I....?
b) Why...?
c) What...?
d) How....?

Translate into French: Do you want to eat a sandwich with me?
a) Tu veux manges un chat avec moi?
b) Tu veux manges un sandwich avec moi?
c) J'aime les frites.
d) J'ai les yeux brun.

Translate into English: Quelle heure est-il?
a) What day is it?
b) What month is it?
c) Where am I?
d) What time is it?

What am I asking if I say: "Porquoi...?"
a) Why...?
b) Huh...?
c) What...?
d) Where...?

Translate into French: How is he doing?
a) Comment va-t-elle?
b) Comment va-t-il?
c) Où est mon lapin?
d) Que est-ce tu aimes?

Translate to English: Tu aimes l'ordinateur?
a) Do you like ordinary people?
b) Do you like cabbage?
c) Do you like computers?
d) Why do you like computers?

What am I asking if I say: Où...?
a) If...?
b) What kind...?
c) How many...?
d) Where...?

Correct this sentence: Tu aimes le pizza, ne c'est pas?
a) It's fine as is.
b) Le should be la, and ne c'est pas should be n'est pas.
c) Le should be tu, and Tu aimes should be t'aimes.
d) Le pizza should be l'pizza.

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