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Of the elements Fe, Li, Te, and He, which is considered a Group B element?
a) Fe
b) Li
c) Te
d) He

Which of the following elements is a transition metal?
a) Mg
b) Fe
c) Pb
d) At

Which of the following elements is a Group 1 metal?
a) He
b) F
c) Ca
d) Cs

Which of the following elements is a lanthanide?
a) K
b) Rh
c) Sm
d) Br

Which of the following elements is a noble gas?
a) Rb
b) Mn
c) Cl
d) Kr

From left to right in a period of elements, ionization energies tend to
a) remain constant
b) increase
c) decrease
d) alternate

Which of the following elements is classified as a halogen?
a) B
b) Ba
c) Be
d) Br

Of the elements Na, C, Si, and P, which is a metal?
a) Na
b) C
c) Si
d) P

Elements from which two families would most likely combine with each other to create salts?
a) alkali metals and halogens
b) halogens and noble gases
c) alkali metals and noble gases
d) alkali metals and alkaline-earth metals

What is each horizontal row of elements in the periodic table called?
a) list
b) group
c) period
d) column

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