Gordon Resources Practice 1 Question Preview (ID: 14359)

Gordon Resources Practice 1.[print questions]

What is Gordon's Website?
a) www.gdn.edu
b) www.gordonstate.edu
c) www.gordonstate.com
d) www.gdn.net

What is Gordon's emergency notification system called?
c) 5111

Where do you register for classes?
a) With Advisor
b) Bannerweb
c) Gordon Email

What will you find in the GIL Catalog
a) Articles
b) Books
c) Newspaper
d) Journals

During the week, the library is open until....
a) 10:00 pm
b) 5:00 pm
c) 7:30 pm
d) 8:00 pm

How long is the checkout period for a book in the library?
a) 3 weeks
b) 6 weeks
c) 4 weeks
d) 2 weeks

How much is an overdue book per day?
a) 25 cents
b) 10 cents
c) 1 dollar
d) 50 cents

Where can you find most things on the Gordon webiste?
a) Campus Departments
b) Student Life
c) My Gordon
d) Student Success Center

You have to reset your Gordon email password how often?
a) 2 times a semester
b) 122 days
c) 3 months
d) 1 time a year

Which building does not have a computer lab for students?
a) Fine Arts
b) IC
c) Russell
d) Academic

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