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A tropical wet climate exists in the United States only in
a) Oregon.
b) Florida.
c) Hawaii.
d) California.

The most recent major ice age in North America extended as far south as
a) Minnesota and Wisconsin.
b) Nebraska and Iowa.
c) New Mexico and Oklahoma.
d) Texas and Florida.

During an ice age, Earth's sea level
a) rises.
b) lowers.
c) remains unchanged.
d) rises and lowers rhythmically.

One theory to explain short-term changes in Earth's climate is based on
a) changes in Earth's rotational speed.
b) changing periods of earthquake activity.
c) changes in the sun's energy output.
d) long periods of extensive cloud cover.

Increased carbon dioxide may cause global warming by
a) allowing more sunlight into the atmosphere.
b) reflecting sunlight from Earth's surface.
c) reducing the amount of oxygen in the air.
d) trapping more heat in the atmosphere.

Earth's ozone layer
a) has been thickening over the past several years.
b) filters harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun.
c) exists only over Antarctica.
d) traps carbon dioxide in the stratosphere.

"Global warming" is the trapping of energy from the sun by Earth's atmosphere.
a) True
b) False, Greenhouse Effect
c) False, Climate Change
d) False, CFCs

Streams of water called ocean ______________ move warm or cold water, warming or cooling the nearby land.
a) currents
b) rings
c) CFCs
d) global warming

The gradual increase in the temperature of the atmosphere is known as
a) greenhouse effect.
b) currents.
c) CFCs.
d) global warming.

Humans have damaged the ozone layer by using ________________ in refrigerators and spray cans.
a) rings
b) global warming
c) CFCs
d) currents

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