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Georgia As A State And After The American Revolution.[print questions]

What was decided in Worcester v. Georgia?
a) That Cherokee land was not subject to state laws of Georgia.
b) That the Cherokee needed to decide where to live in Indian Territory (Oklahoma).
c) That the Cherokee had to lose their land due to the Indian Removal Act.
d) That the Cherokee needed to sell their land to the Georgians.

Who signed the Indian Removal Act and was a primary cause of the Trail of Tears?
a) Andrew Jackson
b) John Ross
c) John Marshall
d) William McIntosh

Who was executed by the Creek Indians because he sold land with the Treaty of Indian Springs?
a) John Ross
b) William McIntosh
c) Alexander McGillivray
d) Sequoyah

Which city (now known as Atlanta) was created by the railroads converging in one area?
a) Louisville
b) Terminus
c) Augusta
d) Savannah

What was the effect of the land lottery and the headright system on the state of Georgia?
a) Both of these systems were fair to minorities such as African-Americans.
b) Both of these systems made sure that men and women receieved land in Georgia.
c) Both of these systems took land away from Native Americans.
d) Both of these systems gave land to Native Americans.

Who invented the cotton gin?
a) Eli Whitney
b) Cyrus McCormick
c) Henry Ford
d) James Lewallen

Due to the technological developments of railroads and the cotton gin, what became the major cash crop after 1789?
a) cotton
b) tobacco
c) silk
d) rice

What was the name of the first public land grant university in the United States? It was established in 1785.
a) Georgia Institute of Technology
b) The University of Georgia
c) Savannah College of Art and Design
d) Georgia Southern University

What was the name of Georgia's capital that was built on swamp land? The capital had to be moved because of the land it was built on.
a) Louisville
b) Milledgeville
c) Atlanta
d) Savannah

Who was the chief of the Cherokee who led his people on the Trail of Tears?
a) John Marshall
b) William McIntosh
c) Alexander McGillivray
d) John Ross

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