7th Grade- Judicial Branch Review Question Preview (ID: 14349)

Facts And Vocabulary Associated With Supreme Court And Judicial Branch.[print questions]

Branch of the government that reviews Constitutional Laws
a) Executive Branch
b) Legislative Branch
c) Judicial Branch
d) Congress

The highest court in the country
a) Supreme Court
b) Federal Court
c) State Court
d) District Courts

When the Supreme Court hears a case and decides if a law is constitutional or unconstitutional
a) Appeal
b) Judicial Review
c) Trial Court
d) Criminal Case

The name of a Supreme Court judge. There are 9 Supreme Court judges.
a) Lawyer
b) Ms. LeVine
c) Judge
d) Justice

Courts that hear cases based on laws affect that state
a) State Courts
b) Federal Courts
c) Supreme Courts
d) Appellate Courts

Courts that hear cases based on laws that affect the entire United States
a) State Courts
b) Appellate Courts
c) Federal Courts
d) Supreme Court

Group of people listen to the evidence and decides who wins the case
a) Judge
b) Jury
c) Lawyers
d) Pirates

Type of case about a person’s rights
a) Trial Case
b) Criminal Case
c) Civil Case
d) LeVine Trial

Type of case if a crime is committed
a) Criminal Case
b) Civil Case
c) Supreme Court Decision
d) LeVine Trial

To ask a higher court to review a judge or jury’s verdict
a) Give up
b) Pay the fine
c) Ask Please
d) Appeal

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