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Which of the following is an inherited trait?
a) Eye color
b) Favorite Food
c) Least favorite subject
d) Hobbies

Which of the following is an acquired trait?
a) Clothing style you wear
b) Hair texture
c) Eye color
d) Height

What are the two types of reproduction?
a) sexual and asexual
b) asexual and budding
c) budding and regeneration
d) regeneration and internal budding

Which best describes inherited traits?
a) They are ones that are passed down genetically.
b) They are ones you learn about as you get older.
c) They are ones that are based on your environment.
d) They are not passed through your genes.

Which is true about sexual reproduction?
a) It creates greater genetic diversity.
b) It is best when a species is isolated.
c) It results in adaptations taking a long time.
d) It doesn't require a mate

What type of trait is one you get as you live, not genetically?
a) acquired
b) inherited
c) dominant
d) recessive

The type of asexual reproduction that occurs when a group of cells inside of an organism develops into an offspring?
a) Internal budding
b) Regeneration
c) Parthenogenesis
d) Fragmentation

What is a type of asexual reproduction that occurs when a egg cells develops without the need for fertilization?
a) parthenogenesis
b) internal budding
c) regeneration
d) fragmentation

Which of the following is an advantage of asexual reproduction?
a) Isolation is ok.
b) It creates more genetic diversity.
c) It requires a mate.
d) It takes a long time.

Which of the following is an advantage of sexual reproduction?
a) It increase genetic diversity.
b) It takes a long time.
c) Isolation is ok.
d) It requires a mate.

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