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Fossils are most commonly found in rock.
a) sedimentary
b) igneous
c) metamorphic
d) paleolithic

What information do fossils provide about plants and animals?
a) Animals and plants have changed over time.
b) Animals and plants have not developed together.
c) Animals and plants have not changed over time.
d) Animals and plants have changed recently.

Decayed Matter Earthworm Duck. Which of the following is a decomposer in the food chain shown above?
a) earthworm
b) duck
c) decayed matter
d) all of these

Which shows correctly how energy cycles in an ecosystem?
a) Sun -- Producers -- Consumers -- Decomposers
b) Decomposers -- Sun -- Consumers -- Producers
c) Producers -- Decomposers -- Consumers -- Sun
d) Consumers -- Sun-- Producers -- Decomposers

Which of the following will usually have more characteristics in common?
a) two organisms in the same class
b) two organisms in different kingdoms
c) two organisms in the same kingdom
d) two organisms in the same phylum

Cows can be placed in one of several groups depending on the characteristics being used to group. Which of the following groups could a cow fit in?
a) mammal, land-dwelling, large animal
b) meat-eater, land-dwelling, brown
c) water-dwelling, white and black, tame
d) hair covered, insect, large animal

Emperor penguins live in the Antarctic and have a thick layer of blubber under the skin. This helps them adapt to the low .
a) temperature
b) rainfall
c) sunlight
d) vegatation

Owls are birds that sleep during the day and are active at night. Which of the owl's senses has changed to adapt to night conditions?
a) sight
b) smell
c) hearing
d) taste

Some plants can reproduce without making seeds. These plants can make new plants from their
a) all of these
b) stems
c) leaves
d) roots

While seeds are forming, another plant part forms around them. Animals eat this part and carry the seeds to a new spot. What is the name of this part?
a) fruit
b) seedling
c) cone
d) flower

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