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The Basic Concepts Of Forces. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What is a force?
a) a push
b) none of these
c) a push or pull
d) a pull

Which is not a force?
a) friction
b) weight
c) momentum
d) gravity

You push on a box and are unable to move it. What forces opposes your push?
a) static friction
b) fluid friction
c) sliding friction
d) rolling friction

Air resistance depends on
a) the velocity of a moving object.
b) the inertia of a moving object.
c) the mass of a moving object.
d) the weight of a moving object.

What force besides gravity acts on a projectile?
a) weak nuclear
b) air resistance
c) magnetic
d) electrical

Newton's first law of motion is sometimes called the law of
a) inertia.
b) resistance.
c) momentum.
d) conservation.

A change in which of the following affects the weight of an object?
a) momentum
b) friction
c) acceleration due to gravity
d) velocity

Which represents Newton\'s second law?
a) v=d/t
b) f=0
c) f=mv
d) a=f/m

For every action force there is a
a) reaction force.
b) unbalanced force.
c) friction force.
d) net force.

Momentum depends upon
a) force only.
b) mass and velocity.
c) weight and mass.
d) velocity and friction.

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