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System that contains organs that remove waste products from your blood
a) urinary (excretory) system
b) digestive system
c) respiratory system
d) endocrine system

A pair of organs that constantly clean the blood
a) kidneys
b) lungs
c) hormones
d) ovaries

The system that is the body's central command that serves two functions: gathers and interprets information from inside and outside your body and responds
a) nervous system
b) endocrine system
c) urinary (excretory) system
d) immune system

A collection of axons bundled together with blood vessels and connective tissues that carry messages to and from the brain
a) nerve
b) blood
c) gland
d) heart

The organ that is the main control center of the nervous system
a) brain
b) nerve
c) heart
d) lungs

The system that is a collection of glands and groups of cells that secrete hormones which regulate growth, development, and homeostasis
a) Endocrine System
b) Lymphatic System
c) Nervous System
d) Muscular System

A group of cells that make special chemicals for your body
a) gland
b) hormones
c) immunity
d) blood

A substance that is made in one cell or tissue that causes a change in another cell or tissue in a different part of the body
a) hormone
b) gland
c) nerve
d) organ

Ability to resist or recover from an infectious disease
a) immunity
b) hormone
c) gland
d) lymphatic

A muscular sac-like digestive organ attached to the lower end of the esophagus, that breaks down food into a liquid
a) stomach
b) esophagus
c) small intestines
d) rectum

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