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The main form to apply for grants/loans for attending college in the US is the

These help you pay for college but do not have to be repaid.
a) grants and scholarships
b) federal student loans
c) private student loans
d) PLUS loans

____ means to go down in value.
a) depreciate
b) appreciate
c) unsubsidized
d) subsidized

A ____ is a promise to repay a loan.
a) promissory note
b) exit interview
c) mortgage
d) balloon payment

A ___ is a rental agreement.
a) lease
b) mortgage
c) balloon payment loan
d) none of these

A ____ is a house loan.
a) morgage
b) lease
c) depreciation
d) appreciation

A (n) _____ asset goes up in value.
a) appreciating
b) depreciating
c) subsidized
d) unsubsidized

The price a seller can expect to receive for a product in a competitive market is ___.
a) market value
b) opportunity cost
c) trade-off
d) earned income

The value of the next best alternative NOT chosen is ___.
a) opportunity cost
b) trade-off
c) market value
d) potential

Which of the following is NOT an example of earned income?
a) inheritance
b) salary
c) tips
d) overtime

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